New beginnings, new ideas, fresh decisions. We are unleashing creativity, putting our knowledge, nerves and perservance to the test, and embarking on a journey into the unknown. We hope we can keep our heads above the water, and in addition, brighten someone's day, manage to inspire and motivate, and, ultimately, make most of you smile.

We are creating content for all of you, who have it up to here with negative boses, traffic jams, loyalty cards, tourists and washing-powder commercials during Youtube videos on ''how to cook chicken soup''. We are trying to come up with content that gives positive vibrations a.k.a good news and nice stories.

The content of the website revolves around the beautiful places (and stories) around the world, and the ordinary things and people who cross our paths in one way or another.

And when someone asks for the blog name: Poln kufer – pou̯n kúːfər – Fully packed Hails!




With Master's degree in the pocket, I have never really dipped my toes into business. Maybe someday soon. At the moment, I rather spend my time in more creative ways, even though they sometimes strain the bank balance a bit. Here, I am in charge of the written words, making sure photos are pleasant to the eye, and everything is nicely in order (afterall I have been studying in Switzerland).

  • during the weekend I: usualy bi$%h about how short it is
  • place I have already visited, but would go back anytime: New Zealand
  • good food for good mood: ričet (stew to die for) and ramen (chopsticks challenge)
  • distinctly untalented for: being on time 😊


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I have studied kinesiology, but most of the time I work as a certified skiing and swimming instructor. 40-hours working days in an office are my worst nightmare, whereas exploring the world appears to be my favorite hobby, which will maybe someday grow into a proper job. Here, I make sure everything works smoothly, all bills are paid on time and new opportunities are never missed out.

  • during the weekend I: like to be lazy
  • place I have already visited, but would go back anytime: Galapagos islands
  • good food for good mood: not spicy tortillas
  • distinctly untalented for: dancing :)

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